15 Elegant Free Fonts for Corporate Logos

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Published: 13th April 2010
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Correct use of fonts is a very significant part of logo design that many of us overlook. The job of a logo designer is to make the message in the corporate logo design appropriate for the targeted customers. In order to do this, the font used in the logo design should be functional and meaningful. Several famous corporate logo designs are identified only because of their specific typography. Think of valuable corporate fonts like Coca-Cola and Walt Disney for instance. These corporate giants have logos with stylish and elegant fonts. Only their typography has made it a successful corporate brand.

While the use of clichéd typography will make your logo design memorable, it can also cause logo infringement issues. Many logo designers pick up clichéd typographies and try to manipulate them by adding or subtracting elements. But they end up with something that is simply unoriginal. So in order to avoid the risk of logo plagiarism, you can make use of free fonts in your corporate logo design. Here are 15 of the most stylish and elegant free fonts that will suit your corporate logo identity.

1.      Antique No 14 Regular

2.      Banana Split

3.      Melody Font

4.      The Quickest Shift

5.      Adine Kirnberg Regular

6.      Franklin Cascaes

7.      Maidstone Script

8.      Valentina

9.      Miama.font

10.  Post-it Pen Script

11.  Aerovias Brasil

12.  Precious Font

13.  Cancellaresca Lim Normal

14.  Ford Script

15.  Skin Deep BB

To download all these fonts for free, please follow the logo design blog at http://blog.corporatelogos.ws/free-fonts-corporate-logos

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